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Since 2004, B-Active has as its main pillar Sports Medicine based on scientific evidence focused on health and well-being.

We started the activities with the B-Active Jardins Unit (current Ibirapuera) at São Paulo – Brazil, with equipment tested and approved by the world scientific community.

In 2008, we inaugurated the B-Active Higienópolis Unit.



Year 2011,

we continued the process of brand expansion and we opened the B-Active Unit Perdizes in the western region of São Paulo – Brazil.

Today we have ten units in operation: Anália Franco, Brasília Asa Sul, Chácara Flora, Higienópolis, Ibirapuera, Itaim Bibi, Jardim América, Moema, Perdizes and São José dos Campos in São Paulo – Brazil.




B-Active has numerous benefits for you, so we have great partnerships with insurance companies.
See the agreement available on the unit.